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China First Pencil Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise of Lao Feng Xiang Co., Ltd., a listing company. Its establishment was approved by Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau, sub-brach in Pudong New District on May 11th, 1994. The registered capital is forty two million seven hundred and forty thousand Yuan in RMB. The business scope of the company is to manufacture various kinds of pencil and their supporting stationeries, sell self-made products, and engage in import and export business of commodity and technology. The company possesses two great famous brands, “Chunghwa” and “Greatwall”, whose products not only cover all large stationery markets throughout the country, but also import to 54 countries and regions around the world. The annual earning reaches 36,000,000 US dollars, including export percentage of over 85% to market of developed countries in Europe and America.

The pencil production history of China Pencil Company could be traced to 1930s, which is called an industrial original place of pencil in China. China Pencil Company has built the most modernized production and processing system in domestic pencil field after rolling development for 75 years. Its infrastructure, production equipment, level of research and development, quality management, product category and varieties and designs are in front of its peers. It is worthy of good reputation to serve as a leading enterprise in pen manufacturing industry in China. Annual production scale of pencil of our company not only ranks first in China but also enters into top-list in pencil manufacturing industry around the world so as to become a key and leading enterprise in light industry in China. The company has been awarded an enterprise title of “China time-honored brand” by the Ministry of Commerce in February 2011.

Production of China Pencil Company completely meets national environmental standard. Pencil with brand “Chunghwa” is a trademark having key protection from State Industrial and Commercial Bureau, State Supervision Bureau and General Administration of Customs. It has become one of famous brands that own key protection from the state. “Chunghwa Shenzhou 7 space writing pencil” was developed by China Pencil Company in 2008, and accompanied by an astronaut to realize the first spacewalk for Chinese people. Meanwhile, the company has been appointed as a licensed product manufacturer for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Quality management and product quality of China Pencil Company has been award-wining for years: it’s approved by China Certificate Center for Quality Mark Quality Certification Center in April 1994, pencil with brand “Chunghwa” first passed certification of product quality in industry; the company passed ISO 9002 quality system certification in June 1999; the company passed China Quality Certification Center (CQC) ISO 9001 quality system certification in May 2002; the company passed review for management enterprise with Class one by Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in 2003; pencil with brand “Chunghwa” was evaluated by Strategy Committee of China Top Brand in 2004 and awarded a sole title of China Top Brand in pencil field in China by the State Qualify Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau; pencil with brand “Chunghwa” was approved to be free-inspection by the State Qualify Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in 2005, and became a rare national free-inspection product in overall field; pencil with brand “Chunghwa” has been named as Shanghai famous trademark since 1994. Pencil with brand “Chunghwa” and “Greatwall” of our company enjoy an incomparable impact power and public calls with other brands on stationery market in China. Market share is over 36%, including high grade product occupies share of 75% to win the market. Market survey result issued by the third authorized institution shows that the customer satisfaction about company product is close to 80%.

Recent three years (from 2008 to 2010) is a-three-year with rapid growth for production and sales and economic benefit of China Pencil Company. The company firmly grasps opportunities to insist on giving full play to the industrial advantages, adhere to expand market at home and abroad, and stick to promote integrity of industrial chain. Production scale of pencil has acquired continuous expansion which makes the industry have a new look on the company. Pencil sales gain constant prosperity which also led the overall increase in economic benefit of the company. In pen industry in China, the company has been keeping seven top rank in China, which are scale, output, technology, quality, brand, export and benefit.

“Twelve five-year” is an important development opportunity for China Pencil Company. As the representative of national excellent brand, the company shall continue to carry forward the pioneer spirit of “dare to think, dare to do and dare to breakthrough”, rely on a time-honored brand of “Chunghwa”, firmly take the road of brand management. The company will make unceasing struggle to build a leading enterprise for China’s national stationery industry based on holding pulse of periods, achieving constant self-cross and creating a new milestone.

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