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China First Pencil Co., Ltd., the six art supplies brand, the joint-venture company, the industry well-known brand. In 1935, China’s first all-pencil manufacturing enterprises — standard domestics Pencil Factory Company Limited was born in Shanghai, through hard work, especially after the liberation of the workers who work hard, companies get new life in 1954 changed its name to the pencil factory. After more than half a century of ups and downs and flourish, the restructuring of the joint-venture company by the pencil factory — China First Pencil Co., Ltd., with superb technology, excellent quality, the number of varieties and other comprehensive advantage, ranks first nationwide counterparts.


The pencil is one of the major writing instruments in the cultural life of modern people. Wood graphite pencil originated in England in the 16th century. In the 17th century, Germany built the world’s first pencil manufacturing plant. 18th century French reform lead manufacturing process to succeed, to have achieved a significant breakthrough to improve the value of pencils, and laid the foundation for the development of the modern pencil industry. Russia, Japan, the United States and other countries have been established in the 19th century pencil manufacturing plant. The end of the 19th century, Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries pencil has input occupied pencil market.

Initial pencil manufacturing plant

Pencil manufacturing plant in China was born in the 1930s. 1932, Kowloon, Hong Kong investment by the people of the British operated by the Pencil Factory Farm UOB Pencil Factory, China’s first pencil factory. 1933 have appeared the Beijing China pencil and Shanghai Chinese Pencil Factory, the two plants are not the Almighty factory. And backward production technology, are not based developed.

Wu create soup Mei, the Almighty pencil manufacturing plant

1933 Wu soup Mei stay date returned, full of the ideal of industrial salvation launched to raise funds to build Pencil Factory. His presence in the art to shout: “pencil in all kinds of stationery products accounted for an important position with primary school students and cut check the Customs Trade Report, last year (1932), pencil enter our country, 1.5 million Units huge, a mere pencil one thing, every year, actually consume the wealth of our people for hundreds of million of the giant. Ti I feel as soon as possible the creation of such industries is necessary also in this. “Kowloon creation has been the only large Pencil Factory, and then held a factory boycott of foreign goods, the force when not catch, such industrial real great Promoting an necessary.” Wu soup Mei and Zhang Wei Shi, Guo Zichun few like-minded together, struggling to raise 50,000 yuan of funds and determination to solve the problem of the plant, technical equipment, raw materials, etc., created in 1935 in Shanghai, China’s first be able to create their own lead, pencil board, pen and appearance processing Almighty pencil manufacturing plant.
In old China, the domestic pencil to compete with foreign goods pencil to enter the market, difficult, soup-Mei Wu does not flinch, do not be discouraged, conform to the Chinese anti-Japanese patriotic sentiment, broad national set off a trend to promote domestic products, the factory named “Chinastandard domestics Qianbi Chang Co., Ltd. “(1942 reorganization of the company changed its name to” China Standard Pencil Factory Co., referred to as the “lead company”). The claim that the factory’s products are made in “technician China, China raw materials, China’s capital. “Chinese people with pencil” eight characters printed in pencil, in order to stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of the compatriots, prompting people to use domestic pencil. People patriotism support, the standard domestics Pencil Factory gradually squeezed into the occupation of foreign goods pencil pencil market to gain a foothold. Then, after various efforts, pencil placed into Shanghai’s bustling Nanjing Road, the famous Wing On, Sincere, Dah Sing three major department stores such as stationery counter to improve the worth and popularity of the product, product reputation, sales day increase, not only in the Shanghai market a firm footing, and gradually expand the sales area. As far as Yunnan, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and other remote areas of Southeast Asia (Southeast Asia) Thailand also have the footprint of the product.

During the Anti-Japanese War

1937 domestic and foreign situation processes, “seven • Incident, the Japanese imperialists launched a large-scale aggression on China, the war soon spread to Shanghai, the outbreak of the Chinese soldiers and civilians rose up against the Japanese invasion of the” eight “Battle of Shanghai,Pencil Factory is located in the borders, the relegation of gunfire forced to shut down. In order to let enterprises worked hard to create the relegation rival, soup-Mei Wu in the endorsement and support of the workers who, in response to the call of the National Government Ministry of Economic Affairs factory Inland, factories demolition Mainland rear area. Under the threat of enemy fire, the factory workers go all out, first moved to Wuhan. 1938 and then moved to Yichang. 1939 moved three Chongqing, Yangtze River fast-flowing, shipment machine civilian vessels in distress, a two tenths equipment sank in the river bottom. The three migration, hard distress, several endangered desperate Pencil Factory finally based on production in Chongqing, the rear area’s only Pencil Factory. In Chongqing, the factory twice by Japanese bombing, the bombing of workshops, warehouses, suffered heavy losses. All the factory workers in the despotic power of the enemy, not be intimidated, overwhelmed, struggling to repair adhere to the production, to assume the rear area alone this one Pencil Factory obligations. Eight of the Anti-Japanese War, made completely domestics pencil 51,414,000, marketing around the rear area, to alleviate the urgent needs of the rear in urgent need of cultural writing supplies. The attached standard sawmill makes a lot against the enemy the frontline much-needed military wooden box, attached in a large number of military chemical products and chemical production, all power in direct support of the cause of the war.

After the end of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War re-plant

Zhonghua pencil
The end of the victory of the war in 1945, Wu soup Mei was returned to Shanghai for the preparatory work for the complex plant, built and started production in the first half of 1946, the first to move into the factory in Shanghai from Chongqing to return to Shanghai Forte plant one.
The early re-plant, dumping large quantities of a serious threat facing the United States pencil, but also by the two powerful rivals in the Shanghai Great Wall Pencil Factory and Shanghai Pencil Factory original fierce competition, resulting in the production and operation of the plant into a very difficult position. 1948 social unrest, inflation, unlimited soaring prices, factory sell finished suddenly complement to import raw materials, only drinking poison to quench thirst, loan sharks, maintain production, forming a vicious circle, increasingly heavy debt, deficits, unsustainable. To 1949, the factory has been caught in a semi-shutdown state. Factory workers in the heavy suffering, to bear the pain and suffering, and heroic struggle against the factory was finally completely preserved, laid the cornerstone for the development of the pencil industry after the founding of New China.
A singing rooster white world, the liberation of Shanghai soon, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the People’s Government, the lead development of the pencil industry dedication for the new China in May 1949. To respond positively to the call of the People’s Government in September 1949, a set of monthly production capacity of 20,000 pencil manufacturing equipment as an investment Heilongjiang Province Harbin, public-private venture company joint venture to establish “public-private partnerships Harbin China Standard pencil company. This is Shanghai’s first private sector and public-private partnerships overseas joint venture plant in Shanghai at the time caused a sensation, “Handelsblatt” had specifically been reported. Harbin standard pencil is still one of the larger enterprises in the national pencil industry.

Public-private partnerships

July 1950, lead by the State Administration Council Financial and Economic Committee formally approved the public-private partnership, the first public-private partnerships Shanghai Light Industry system, from enterprises to enter a new period of development, and began a new course.
Joint venture, the socialist consciousness of the workers who have been significantly improved, to see countries began a large-scale economic construction, engineering design graphics drawing pencil requirements greatly increased, and China has never complete specifications, excellent quality domestic drawing pencil,extensive use of expensive “Venus” brand drawing pencil abroad. Workers who feel an upsurge after another, determined to change this situation, the quality of the trial drawing pencil. After several hundred times the test – Improved – test – and then improve, and finally into complete specifications of the high-quality manufacturing in March 1954, “Chinese” brand 101 drawing pencil. Welcomed by consumers after the listing, the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries drawing pencil on this extinct in our local market. “Chinese” brand 101 drawing pencil is the only drawing pencil to compete in domestic products and foreign unmatched products, epoch-making significance in the history of the pencil industry.

Joint Venture Merger

In October 1954, pencil Industrial Joint Venture Merger and lead the company changed its name to “public-private partnership Pencil Company factory. June 1955 and then changed its name to “public-private partnerships pencil factory” (referred to as the lead plant). January 1956, the state will be “public-private partnerships pencil three plants (originally created in 1937, the Great Wall Pencil Factory) incorporated into the lead in a factory. And subsequently incorporated into the “Five Hardware stationery factory and owners of small units. Industry restructuring, expand the scale of enterprises, the production of unprecedented economic development. Output, production doubled. Industrial output value in 1957 (at 1957 constant prices) 452.7 million, pen in 1950 increased by 2.2 times; pencil production of 121,889,800, an increase of 2.18 times. Scale enterprises to expand exponentially in 1957 fixed assets (at cost) 828,000 yuan, an increase of 3.55 times more than in 1950; number of employees 691 people, 306 more than in 1950. The joint venture before the loss-making enterprises. Corporate liabilities totaling up to 4.5 billion yuan in March 1950, the cash flow is extremely difficult. After the joint venture, and gradually pay off the debt, profitability. Total profit and tax of 1.639 million yuan in 1957, 1.407 million yuan of profits.
1958 – 1965, year after year continue to carry out various political movements and mass movement, interference disrupted to some extent, enterprise management and production order. Good timing differences in product quality, economic efficiency on the present, the impact of the momentum of the development of enterprises, but the production of the overall economic growth. Major economic indicators in 1965 compared to 1957: industrial output value (in 1957 constant prices) 13.162 million yuan, an increase of 1.9 times; pencil production of 322,775,300, an increase of 1.64 times; total profit and tax of 5.803 million yuan, an increase of 2.5 times; fixed assets (at cost) of 1.957 million yuan, an increase of 1.36 times.

The remarkable results achieved

During this period, also made two significant results: First, from the mid-1950s began to ongoing the mass technological innovation, technology revolutionary movement, and to the introduction of foreign technology and equipment, carry out a comprehensive reform and transformation of the old equipment, old technology. 1956 reform rotating drums core drying machine instead of hand behind core drying process; the successful innovation grinding, planing rod joint hundreds of technological innovation projects put into operation one after another in the 1960s. Coupled with 1956 imported from Japan, three-color printing machine for sample digestion replica of innovative four-color printing machine; 1958 200 ton hydraulic core machine imported from West Germany advanced equipment, changing the backwardness of the original technology and equipment, high-volume Great Wall brand pencils and for licensing pencil. Apply for registration in 1959 dedicated to export products “like” brand, mass-produced exports “like” brand pencils to expand the number of export. Export delivery volume in 1965 reached 113 million, accounting for more than one-third of the total output of the pencil, played a pivotal role in our country was originally a pencil importing country into a major exporter of the pencil.

During the “Cultural Revolution”

1966 – 1976 “Cultural Revolution” to lead in a factory brought disaster paralyzed the party organizations, a series of so-called “bucket-criticism” action, not only so many people have been treated unfairly,more messing with people’s minds, the enthusiasm of the broad masses of workers frustrated. The so-called “streamline the organization in 1968, abolished the the original administrative bodies, completely disrupted the management system and working order, cause confusion production, the serious consequences of economic stagnation.

After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party

1979 lead in a factory in the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party’s line, principles, policies, guidelines, and embarked on a historic pace of reform, firmly forward. 1981-1983 recovery rectifying and constructive consolidation, basically cure the trauma caused by the “Cultural Revolution” enterprise management.
1984 in the consolidation of the outcome of the reorganization of the enterprise on the basis of strengthening spiritual civilization and material civilization, nurture and promote the “humble, simple, progressive and progressive” spirit of enterprise, and enhance workers’ sense of ownership and improve the quality of the workforce. Cadres and the masses of the whole plant work together, do solid work, governance “dirty, chaotic, and poor”, a new look Factory Feature, while improving the management level, to promote the product quality, economic benefits of double increase in the year 1984, the bureau-level civilized unit “glorious title. The factory workers full pace, does not stop targeting the “three new” target (device further update product further refurbishment, efficiency further refresh), “Three Beauties” activities (living facilities United States, the United States of green plant, workers beauty of the soul) to continue to climb, and effective. 1986 started to suffer the glorious title of “Shanghai Model Unit”.

The implementation of the factory director responsibility system

Director responsibility system introduced in August 1985, the factory workers resolutely implement the spirit and requirements of the CPC Central Committee proposed the enterprises to actively reform the internal mechanism “to promote reform, work hard, make enterprises to enter the period of rapid development.
First, the establishment of information to the market-oriented product development system. In accordance with the high-grade, large markets, new technology business ideas, the formation of the product development center, and give full play the comprehensive advantages of process, technology and equipment, as well as professionals, a modest investment, in addition to developing high quality, high value-added thermal transfer pencil, laser “Alice” brand makeup pen, pencil, fluorescent pencil endures, 1986 focuses on the development to fill the gap, to meet the increasing need of the people’s material and cultural life. After only a short period of four years, has become the second largest competitive products. Only produce a series of pen-type cosmetics enterprises.
Second, the establishment of international market competition as the main direction of the marketing system. Positioning the ultimate goal of the competition in the international market, to take the consolidation of industry and trade relations, relying on the export of the main channel; discover agent system, to seek new export channels; Zhuhai Special Economic Zone set up factories in the development of multi-species export, do everything possible to expand all kinds of high-grade exports, explore the international market, the development of more than 70 countries and regions in Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Central and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, the amount of foreign exchange up to more than $ 6 million in a leading position in the pen industry in the country.
Third, the the weak production technology and equipment for old enterprises, pay close attention to technological innovation and technology introduction, one after another from West Germany and other countries the introduction of technology and equipment for more than 30 pieces (sets), so that the pencil production of each key process have international early eightiesadvanced level of key professional equipment, stand-alone degree of automation and production efficiency greatly improved. The introduction of the transformation of production equipment, the fine lead the workshop extension, “make-up pen test”, “the resin fine core process equipment, introduction of a replica of” production infrastructure transformation and key expansion project construction, improve the existing production conditions, enhance product quality and expand production capacity to have a positive impact.
Fourth, based on the factory to consolidate the base camp on the basis of, carry out a wide range of cross-regional, cross-industry, horizontal economic integration of the different systems, the development of the popular associate, associate country set, three different systems associated form of the Sino-foreign joint venture Co., Ltd.to improve the corporate self-adaptation, self-development, the ability to self-improvement, the development of production, increase exports, and achieved good social and economic benefits.

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