Which is better for elementary school students, ordinary pencil or color-changing pencil

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When choosing ordinary pencils and color-changing pencils as tools for elementary school students to draw and write, we need to consider the characteristics of both and the needs of elementary school students. The following is a detailed comparison and summary of the two:

Features of ordinary pencil:

1. Wide range of uses: ordinary pencils can be used for drawing, writing, drawing lines, doodling and other occasions to meet the basic needs of primary school students’ daily learning and painting.

2. Various hardness options: ordinary pencils have different hardness levels, such as HB, B, H, etc., which is suitable for primary school students to choose pencils with different hardness according to their painting needs.

3. Safety: Ordinary pencils are usually made of non-toxic wood and graphite, which is safe and suitable for primary school students.

4. Price: The price of ordinary pencils is relatively cheap, suitable for daily use by primary school students.

Features of color-changing pencil:

1. Color diversity: Color-changing pencils have a variety of color choices, such as 12-color series, 24-color series, etc., which can meet the needs of primary school students for rich colors.

2. Fun: Color-changing pencil can produce the effect of color change in the painting process, increasing the interest and attraction of painting, and helping to stimulate the creativity and imagination of primary school students.

3. Relatively single use: Although color-changing pencils can be used for painting, their main use is in color performance, compared with ordinary pencils, their use is relatively single.

4. Price: Color-changing pencils are relatively expensive and are usually sold in box form.

Comparison and induction:

1.Application scenario:

Ordinary pencils are suitable for daily writing, drawing, line drawing and other scenes to meet the basic needs of primary school students.

Color-changing pencils are more suitable for artistic creation, color graffiti and other scenes that require rich color expression.

2.Security and Price:

Ordinary pencils and color-changing pencils are high in safety and suitable for primary school students.

Ordinary pencils are cheaper and suitable for daily use; Color-changing pencils are more expensive and suitable for specific occasions or hobbies.


For primary school students, ordinary pencils become a more suitable choice because of their wide range of uses, diverse hardness options and moderate prices. It can meet the basic needs of elementary school students’ daily writing and painting.

If primary school students have a strong interest in painting, especially for color performance has high requirements, color-changing pencils can be used as an additional choice. It can provide students with rich color experience and creative fun.

To sum up, ordinary pencils are more suitable as daily drawing and writing tools for primary school students, while color-changing pencils can be used as a choice for special needs or interest cultivation.

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