What is the difference between a color-changing pencil and a regular pencil

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There are significant differences between color-changing pencils and regular pencils in several ways, and the following is a point representation and summary of these differences:

1. Appearance and color:

– Color-changing pencil: The appearance and color are similar to ordinary pencils, but its biggest feature is its color diversity. Depending on the series, color-changing pencils have a single series (129 colors), 12 color series, 24 color series, 36 color series, 48 color series, 72 color series, 96 color series, etc., providing a wide range of choices.

– Ordinary pencil: The appearance is usually more simple, the color is mainly wood primary color or black lead, without the rich color of the color-changing pencil.

2. Ingredients and materials:

– Color-changing pencil: Usually made of high-grade fine particle pigments, with high adsorption color rendering. These pigments can be made into water-soluble or insoluble color-changing pencils, which are further divided into dry and oily.

– Ordinary pencil: mainly made of a mixture of graphite and clay, where the graphite content determines the hardness of the pencil (such as HB, B, H, etc.).

3. Use effect:

– Color-changing pencil: The effect of drawing is light, fresh and simple, and most of them are easy to be eraser. Water-soluble color-changing pencils can achieve a transparent effect like watercolor after dipping in water, and the color is bright and bright.

– Ordinary pencil: mainly used for writing, line drawing, graffiti and other basic purposes, its color is single, mainly used for sketching, only black, white and gray three light and shade relationship.

4. Uses and features:

– Color-changing pencil: mainly used for art painting, because of its rich color and easy to erase characteristics, suitable for a variety of painting styles. Water-soluble color-changing pencils can also be used for watercolor painting.

– Regular pencils: In addition to basic writing and drawing, soft lead pencils are also commonly used for drawing, erasing or drawing, while hard lead pencils are suitable for drawing fine lines or sketches.

5. Price:

– Color-changing pencils: Due to their special materials and diverse color options, the price is usually higher, and they are generally sold in boxes with prices ranging from 10 yuan to thousands of dollars.

– Regular pencils: Relatively inexpensive, usually sold as a single, can be purchased for only a few dollars.

To sum up, color-changing pencils and ordinary pencils have significant differences in appearance, composition, use effect, use and price. Color-changing pencils are widely used in the field of art painting with their rich colors and unique artistic effects, while ordinary pencils play an important role in daily life with their economic benefits and versatility.

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