What are the types of colored pencils? Which one is better?

oil-based color pencil

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Abstract: Colored pencils refer to a kind of drawing pencils made of colored pigments. The pigments and clay binders need to be mixed during production. The colors are various and the drawing effect is relatively light, but it can create special effects. Colored pencils on the market can be divided into three types: oil-based color pencil, watercolor pencil, and pastel color pencil. These three types have their own characteristics. Consumers can choose according to actual needs. Next, let me learn about the following colors together with Which kind of pencil is good?

What are the types of colored pencils

1、Oily color pencil

Oil-based color pencil is the brightest and thickest color of all color lead. The pencil core has a certain waxy texture and can show a special texture effect. It is suitable for drawing large-area pictures and also suitable for depicting details. But oil-based colored lead is not suitable for multi-layered colors, and it is not easy to modify with an eraser, and it is easy to be smeared. Therefore, when painting, it is best to put a piece of tracing paper under your hand to protect the painted part.

2、Water color pencil

The refill of the water-color pencil can be dissolved in water, and the color will be smudged when touched with water, which can achieve a watercolor-like transparent effect. When not used for water-soluble, the effect is similar to that of oil-based color lead, but the color is more natural and not too bright. After coloring with water, it is difficult to form a smooth color layer due to the water-soluble color lead, and it is easy to form stains. Similar to watercolor painting, it is more suitable for painting buildings and sketching.

3、Pastel color pencil

Pastel color pencil has strong coverage, is insoluble in water, and the refill is powdery with a special grain texture. Compared with oil-based colored pencils, it is cheaper and has more color types. many. But the color pastel pencil it easy to shed powder, stain the picture, and the pen core is easier to break.

Which color pencil is better?

There are many types of colored pencils. When choosing a colored pencil, it is not necessary to choose which kind of colored pencil, but to choose a suitable colored pencil according to actual needs. Generally, the main factors to be considered when choosing a colored pencil are:

1\ Choose according to the painting situation. For example, if you basically paint light colors, you can’t pick soft-colored lead. The softer the pencil core, the brighter the color and the color overlap is even, but the noise on the paper is also greater, and the drawing of a small picture will basically not look good. The harder the refill of the colored lead, the smaller the noise on the paper, which is suitable for fine painting, but the color is relatively not very bright, and the color overlap is not good. In addition, the quality of the color pencil is still related to the degree of hardness. The better the quality, the softer the refill, the brighter the color, and it will not break the core.

2\ Choose according to color matching. At present, there are 24 colors pencils, 36 colors pencils, 48 ​​colors pencils, 60 colors pencils, and 72 colors pencils that are more common in the market. Generally, 48 colored pencils are sufficient for beginners. Each brand has its own set of color mixing recipes, even if the number is 120 colors, even if the color name is exactly the same, the colors drawn will be different due to the difference in the pigment composition. Therefore, when consumers choose, the number of colors is not the first factor. We also can choose the Jumbo color pencil for Kids, or Mini color pencil for the small drawing, choose the groove color pencil for the beginners. What is important is which colors are available and whether the choice of colors is practical.

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