How to save color-changing pencils?

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The preservation method of color-changing pencils is crucial to keeping their color bright and extending their service life. Here are some suggestions on how to save color-changing pencils, presented in the form of point representation and induction:

1. Storage environment:

– Dry: Color-changing pencils should be stored in a dry environment, avoid moisture. Excessive humidity may cause moisture to the pen refill, affecting the color brightness and use effect.

– Ventilation: Maintain good ventilation of the storage environment to help prevent mold or deterioration of the pen refill.

– Avoid light: Color-changing pencils should be placed away from light, as prolonged exposure to sunlight may fade the color.

2. Packing method:

– Disposable Ziploc bags with laminate: For single storage, disposable Ziploc bags with laminate can be used. This bag can effectively isolate air and moisture, keep the pen refill dry and bright.

– Folder with film: If you need to keep multiple color-changing pencils together, you can use a folder with film. Make sure to wrap each pencil individually and leave enough space in the folder to avoid rubbing or bumping pencils against each other.

3. Use fixing solution:

– For the finished color lead painting, you can consider using a fixed painting solution to enhance the durability and water resistance of the picture. The fixed painting liquid can evenly cover the surface of the picture to form a protective film to prevent color fading and water penetration.

– When using the fixed painting solution, pay attention to the instructions for operation. Generally speaking, it is necessary to shake the painting liquid and spray it evenly 2-3 times perpendicular to the picture, and wait a few minutes between each spray to ensure that the coating is dry.

4. Avoid heat and sun exposure:

– High temperatures and exposure to sunlight will accelerate the oxidation and fading process of color-changing pencils. Therefore, it should be avoided to place the color changing pencil in a high temperature environment, such as next to the heater, the windowsill in direct sunlight, etc.

5. Check regularly:

– Check the condition of the colored pencil regularly, including the color brightness, whether the refill is intact, etc. If it is found that the color is fading or the pen refill is damaged, it should be replaced or repaired in time.

6. Brand and quality:

– Choose well-known brands and quality guaranteed color pencils, which can extend their service life and maintain color brightness to a certain extent.

Sum up:

The key to preserving color-changing pencils is to provide a dry, ventilated, light-resistant storage environment, and take appropriate packaging and the use of fixed painting solution to protect the picture. At the same time, avoiding high temperature and exposure, regular inspection and choosing high-quality brands are also important measures to extend the service life of color-changing pencils.

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