How to identify the quality of natural wood pencil

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Identifying the quality of natural wood pencils can be done from the following aspects:

1. Observe product packaging and trademarks:

Check the package for completeness, breakage or stains.

Check whether the logo, origin and certificate on the package are clear and complete. Pencils produced by regular manufacturers usually have these clear marks.

2. Check the pen and lead:

The pen holder should be straight, without obvious bending or cracks.

The lead core should be located in the middle of the pen and should not be deflected.

The diameter of the lead core should be uniform and should not be too thick or too fine.

You can gently rotate the pen, observe whether the lead core is easy to break, high-quality lead core should have a certain toughness, not easy to break.

3. Feel the wood and pen body:

Touch the pen and feel the texture of the wood. Quality natural wood pencil should choose a fine, hard wood, such as pine or oak.

The body of the pen should be smooth without burrs, no obvious cracks or flaws.

4. Smell it:

Smell the pencil for a pungent odor, such as paint or chemicals. Natural wood pencils should give off a natural wood scent, not a pungent chemical smell.

5. Trial writing effect:

Actually use a pencil to try to see if the writing is smooth and the color is even.

High-quality natural wood pencils should write smoothly, full color, not easy to erase.

6. Check safety standards:

Pay attention to whether the pencils comply with the relevant safety standards, especially for children. You can check whether the packaging has passed the national safety standard or other international safety standards mark.

In summary, by observing the packaging, checking the pen holder and lead core, feeling the wood texture, smelling the smell, testing the writing effect and checking the safety standards, we can effectively identify the quality of natural wood pencils. When purchasing, it is recommended to choose regular brands and sales channels to ensure the purchase of high-quality natural wood pencils.

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