How to choose high-quality pencils?


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We need pencils on many occasions, so how should we choose high-quality pencils? Let us take a look at it together.

1. According to purpose

1) Pencil for examation

Pencils used for exams are generally 2B pencils, because this kind of pencil has better conductivity, so when buying exam pencils, you must choose 2B pencils.

2) Pencil for art

When buying art pencils, consider the hardness and color. Generally, they are purchased in sets, and art pencils will also be marked with the type of pencil on the outer packaging.

3) Pencil for writing instrument

When buying pencils for writing, please use HB pencil. Generally, the hardness and coloring of HB pencil are moderate, and HB is usually marked on the outer packaging.

2. According to quality

1) Wood material of the pencil

The wood foreskin on the outer side of a good quality pencil is of moderate hardness, so that it will not feel particularly hard or soft when sharpening the pencil.

2) The lead of the pencil

A high-quality pencil has a cylindrical lead with no breaks or defects in the middle. A poor-quality pencil may have breaks.

3) Pattern of the pencil

When we choose pencils, don’t choose those with particularly fancy appearance, because pencils are mainly about practicality, and no matter how good the appearance is, there is no use.

4) Durability of the pencil

Before deciding to buy a certain pencil in large quantities, you can buy one for a trial to see if the durability of the pencil is good. If the durability is not good, don’t buy it.

5) According to the brand

Pencils belong to stationery, and there is only one of the most popular stationery brands on the market. When choosing a pencil, you must choose a brand.

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