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Welcome to DongYan Yi Cheng Sationery Co.,Ltd, a leading pencil manufacturer in China. Founded by retired soldier Mr. Liang 30 years ago, our factory in Yiwu, the global small commodity center, reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Under Mr. Liang’s leadership, we now operate two factories in Dongyang and Yiwu, Zhejiang, producing over 200 million pencils annually with a total value exceeding $8 million. At the factories, each pencil embodies our dedication to quality-first and customer-first principles.

Join us in celebrating craftsmanship and commitment. Thank you for choosing our factory, where every pencil tells a story of passion and precision.

Our Value


Insist on quality first, customer first. Integrity management, emphasis on environmental protection.


The factory has automated pencil production lines,daily output of 300,000 pencils.


We attach great importance to product quality. All products are able to pass children's testing standards. Such as EN-71, LHAMA , ASTM D 4236.


We provide multiple modes of transportation, by sea, by air, by express, door to door services.

Our Factory

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Factory Registration

TAX ID:913307837539982
Contact: Mark
Tel:+86 755 2827 2202
E-mail:[email protected]

Factory registration

Factory Details

Established : 2003 Year
Main Products:HB Pencil, Color Pencil, Carpenter Pencil, Sketch Pencil, Personalized Pencil and Various Stationery.
Factory Size (㎡): 3500 ㎡
Employees: 50+
Automated pencil production lines: 2
Packaging lines: 2
QC team: 5 person
Production capacity: 300000pencils/day
Factory audit: Alibaba.com, FSC

How It's Made Pencils

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Prepare pencil Lead and pencil slats.

All wood strips should be air-dried and coated with paraffin wax, then make the wood slats with semicircular grooves, put the pencil lead into grooves. Two pieces of wood slats are put together with glue to become pencil sandwiches.

Sandwiches become pencils. The sandwiches are placed on a conveyor belt and moved through two sets of cutters, one above and one below the belt. The cutters above the sandwiches cut around the top half, while the lower set cuts around the bottom half and separates the finished pencils. The majority of pencils are hexagonal, so designed to keep the pencils from rolling off surfaces; a single sandwich yields six to nine hexagonal pencils.

After the pencils have been cut, their surfaces are smoothed by sanders, and varnish is applied and dried. This is done with varnishing machines, in which the pencils are immersed in a vat of varnish and then passed through a felt disk, which removes the excess varnish. After drying, the pencils are put through the process again and again until the desired color is achieved. Finally, the pencils receive a finishing coat.

Put Erasers on the pencil. This step, held to the pencil by a round, metal case called a “ferrule.” The ferrule first attaches to the pencil either with glue or with small metal prongs, and then the eraser is inserted and the ferrule clamped around it. In the final step, heated steel die presses the company logo onto each pencil.

Because they travel along a conveyor belt during the manufacturing process, pencils are thoroughly scrutinized before they are distributed to the public. Workers are trained to discard pencils that appear dysfunctional, and a select number is sharpened and tested when the process is complete.

Our Product

Office pencil, student pencil, Promotional pencil, Wholesale pencil.

Rainbow color pencil, Double color pencil, Multi-Color pencil, Black wood color pencil.

H, B,HB, 2B,3B,4B,6B, Sketch drawing pencil set.

Length: 7In.10In; Shape: Octagonal, Oval, Round, Hexagon, Square carpenter pencil.

According to requirements, design and produce all kinds of pencils what your demand.

Provide procurement business for various stationery. Such as pencil bag, eraser, sharpener, notebook, etc.

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